I replaced my old carpet and got a new one installed! When I first decided on a carpet overhaul, the entire process of choosing down to actually getting it installed seemed daunting. Thankfully, I had a little help from a few websites and from friends who have had experience.


Now, I’m not an expert at all but I found that going through the process step by step and assessing what I really needed helped me a lot. I read a few articles and got myself informed, and basically equipped myself before talking to brands and several installers.

In my experience, here are a few noteworthy things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about getting new carpeting:


Padding is to carpeting as foundation is to a structure (or makeup, too!) Basically, it’s what helps give the finished flooring a more polished look and even installation. More than the aesthetics, though, it helps protect your floors, keep the carpet from tearing apart for longer, and helps with insulation and muffling sounds. Choosing the right padding is key and could make or break the finished work!

I chose a few different paddings depending on each room I had carpeted. It’s really important to note the amount of traffic a specific room gets, the moisture, and several other factors. You’ll want to choose the appropriate padding for each.


This one is my second favorite thing to consider while choosing my carpet (the first one being picking the shade, of course). It gets a little confusing here, too, as there are a lot of styles to choose from! Again, the key here is knowing what you need.

Choosing carpet styles should be more about the lifestyle you have than the look you want. Plush carpets look and feel great but show vacuum tracks and foot marks. Not such a great look for high-traffic areas. It is thick and soft, but it can develop “pooling”, the term for that shaded areas in the carpet that are caused by a reverse in the natural direction of the carpet yarn. This may be good for bedrooms and formal living areas, but not so much areas you use often in the day.

I chose textured Berber for my living room, which is a more flat and dense style, but still soft. It also hides dirt and footprints well. The unevenly cut fiber reflects light and generally looks gorgeous. It’s also very durable!



Now, I’m not a big color fan. I barely own anything colorful, and most of the items in our home are neutral. There is just something calming about neutrals, I love it!

When it came down to choosing the color of my carpet, though, I got a little bit conflicted. The presence of so many options was overwhelming. My imagination was presented with so many possibilities that I even went as far as the prospect of redecorating the entire house, all around the color scheme of the carpet! Isn’t the crazy? That being said, it is important to have a clear picture of what you currently have, keep that in mind, and try not to steer to far from a little bit of sprucing up.

After I got over my initial sudden enthusiasm for bright orange carpet for the living room, I decided to go for a muted gray to maintain the cozy mood I already had. I was so grateful to have a sales person assisting me who didn’t try to take advantage of an overenthusiastic customer!



As I’ve mentioned, choosing a carpet has more to do with your lifestyle. After all, once you’ve had it installed, you’re going to have to maintain it. A plush carpet when you have little kids isn’t a very good idea. Maintenance can cost more than the actual purchase and installation of the carpet.

I carefully considered areas which have the most tendency to have spills and thus cause stains. I also made sure to ask the salesperson I talked to about the cleaning and maintenance of the carpet, so I’ll know what I signed up for!


So I’ve put this last, but this is definitely the most important part. We don’t have to break the bank to get good quality carpeting that suits our lifestyles and our home. It’s important to set a clear budget and impose it on yourself.

Talk to friends, consult several installers and brands, sleep on it, collect as much swatches as you need. The point is, carpeting is an important investment in your home and it’s essential to be extra careful in making a decision.