As a housewife, I have found myself often tempted to just not bother dressing up. When my kids were younger, I had so much to do in the morning that thinking about that to wear was the least of my worries, and so I didn’t bother. Until I realized, being a mom doesn’t mean neglecting myself as a woman, and that how I dress and present myself is not merely a luxury but an expression of who I am and the kind of leadership I give my children. Shopping even became a fun way to bond with my kids!

Being in my 40s finds me being a lot surer of who I am and what I want in my life, and that includes clothing and fashion. Being a mom has taught me to shift to practical dressing without sacrificing style. After all, who says I can’t do both? Perhaps it is quite safe to say that I have found my personal style. I go for comfortable and classy pieces in neutrals with the occasional pop of color.


Age appropriate clothing is a bit tricky, especially because different women have different styles. A lot of shops offer a wide variety of clothing styles for all ages. I am more of a mid-range type with the occasional foray into the high-end brands.

Here are a few shops I love:


Who doesn’t love Nordstrom? More often than not, you find what you need in this once place. They provide a variety of clothes in different styles that suite women of different ages.


Mango has a wide range of styles to choose from, from basics to the latest trends. They have very affordable pieces with a hip vibe. Mostly, I get my casuals like jeans and t-shirts here.


I love M&S basics! It’s such a great place to buy basic tees and tanks. They have a lot of other products, and I usually buy more than I intended!


This is my absolute go-to place for gorgeous dresses and skirts. They cater to women across the style spectrum. If you’re like me who loves feeling girly in skirts and dresses, this place is perfect!


They have a good mix of basics and trendy clothes, both for work and casuals.


For the latest seasonal picks, chic and high quality pieces, Ann Taylor is the place for you!


My favorite culottes and sheathe dress are from Marc Jacobs. It gets a bit pricey, but their pieces are a good investment.


There are plenty of stores and even online brands who cater to different kinds of women in different ages. The key is knowing your style, knowing what you need, and shopping can easily turn into a fun activity you can enjoy. Happy shopping!